Sidney Shindle

Welcome! I am a real food enthusiast with a passion for baking and an insatiable chocolate craving. Synchronized swimming coach by day, baker of all things healthy and delicious by night, I am inspired to create healthy recipes using real ingredients, free of refined sugars and gluten. 

I started baking when I was a kid, as most of us do. When my grandma would visit us, she would spend hours ​canning, baking and cooking. I loved to watch her prepare homemade pickles, cabbage rolls and most importantly, cookies and apple bars! Now, whenever she comes to visit, I get to help out, although I can't seem to roll a cabbage roll anywhere near as quickly as she can!

My mother also influenced my passion for good food.  Growing up, she somehow managed to balance nursing shift work and two kids with very busy schedules, all while making delicious and healthy meals every night. Quite the feat if you ask me. As a kid, I was one of the ones who never got to try Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms or Wendy's. It may have seemed unfair then, but I thank her for teaching us how to appreciate real food and showing us the importance of  growing your own as much as possible.

My baking journey began when I was younger, after watching my grandma and mom bake and cook for years. I enjoyed baking and cooking, but it wasn't until I ate one rock hard cookie too many that I finally decided to get serious with it. As I said before, my mother is an amazing cook. Baking however, is not her strong suit. She makes a wicked lemon chiffon cake, but her chocolate chip cookies were always hard as rocks. 

Once I took on the baking in the house, I realized that I could memorize recipes and create new ones from scratch, no directions or googling needed. I was so inspired that I spent most of my undergrad searching for recipe inspirations, dreaming about food and what I would make for dinner and dessert. (Sorry mom!) 

When I changed my eating habits a few years ago, baking became even more enjoyable. By cutting out processed foods and refined sugars, I lost ten pounds and was inspired to create recipes that would fit my new lifestyle. I wanted to be able to bake my cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. Anyone can make a regular chocolate cake, but why make something ordinary when you can create a healthier version that tastes great and leaves you feeling better than its generic counterpart? 

Good food is meant to be shared, which I why I started this site. Enjoy these recipes, get creative with them, share them with others and most importantly, eat your cake! ​

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