Rich Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

I wish I could tell you a tale of how the weather is getting colder and snow is beginning to fall in my part of the world. I would talk of how the nights were getting longer, the air is crisper and the snow is starting to blanket my sidewalk. I picture myself in winter boots with mittens and a scarf, coming in from the cold. Hot chocolate and marshmallows would make the perfect drink to warm up from a lazy afternoon walk, especially since it's been rather chilly lately!

But as you can see by my pictures, that is definitely not the case. Life on the Canadian west coast is rough. Rough enough to deserve a warm mug of guilt free hot chocolate, complete with homemade marshmallows! (psst, make the minty ones!)

This is a lighter hot chocolate, made with cocoa powder and cocoa butter. The secret to its frothiness is whipping it in your Magic bullet or Vitamix. I like the mixture of almond and coconut milk as it makes it just creamy enough.

I was lucky enough to receive some samples from Wild Foods and their cocoa butter makes this hot chocolate absolutely stellar. Topped off with some homemade minty marshmallows and you are set for success! 

**Note - I received free samples from Wild Foods but was not otherwise compensated. I was not obligated to write about them, but I felt like I had to share their products with you. Check them out, their motto and products are awesome!

Rich Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

Makes 2 cups


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